The DE&I Committee is a newly established committee that strives to promote diversity within the genetic counseling field in the state of Florida by identifying and working to diminish obstacles that limit individuals of minority and underprivileged backgrounds from pursuing this profession. Not only will our profession be made better by the success of these efforts, so will the patient experience. So far, our committee has created a scholarship that covers Match and application fees for up to ten applicants from diverse backgrounds applying to a Florida genetic counseling program. We are currently working on establishing a fundraising method to continue to support this scholarship for years to come and to increase the number of students who we can support. 

Additionally, we would like to help spread awareness to local communities about the importance of genetic services. There are many underrepresented groups that happen to be unaware of how genetic counseling and/or genetic testing can be helpful for them and/or their families and we would like to change that.

As we continue to undertake projects that tackle these goals, we will update this page to keep all individuals informed.

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