WeBINar: Undocumented Immigrant Experience: Healthcare Challenges and Genetic Counseling Strategies

This Pre-recorded session focused on highlighting the undocumented immigrant experience with three key goals. First, to define who undocumented immigrants are and providing insights into their diverse backgrounds, challenges, and unique journeys. Second, we will explore the complexities undocumented immigrants face, both within and outside genetic counseling. Lastly, we will describe some practical methods and available resources for compassionate, culturally competent care.

Clicking the link above will bring you to the video, hosted on the Undocu GC Network site, including instructions to claim CEUs. The video is also available on YouTube.

ABOUT: Undocu GC Network

The Undocumented GC Network was established to provide guidance to undocumented GC students and GCs as they navigate throughout their genetic counseling journey. We also aim to inform the GC community about barriers faced by undocumented students and GCs. We plan to achieve our vision by drawing awareness of and advocating for issues that impact the undocumented population.

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